Home Insurance

Home insurance policies in India are property insurance that provides coverage against house damage or that of the contents inside. Apart from unauthorized entry, you can also get an extended cover for accidents that may occur at home. This seemingly useless expenditure is in fact highly essential.
Do not wait for a calamity to prove that you do need home insurance; opt for it beforehand!

Benefits of Home Insurance
Home insurance offers numerous benefits to the policyholder. With a good home insurance in place, you can have complete peace of mind regarding your property investment. You can avail emergency repairs, the additional expenses of living outside your home in case of damage to property, or replacement of personal property, minus the hassles and minimum documentations. Besides, the monthly premiums involved are reasonably low in most cases so as not to put extra financial burden on the insurer. The home insurance premium calculator can help you to calculate and decide which home insurance plan to go for.

Key Features of Home Insurance
The key features of home insurance in general include the following:

  • Standard coverage is present against explosion or fire, theft, attempted burglary, damage due to natural disasters, and compensation for damage to property or contents within, through vehicular accidents.
  • Reasonable covers for your valuables including camera and jewellery.
  • Expense cover is available for alternate accommodation for up to one year.
  • Presence of burglar or smoke alarm or other security measures help homeowners to get discount on their home insurance.
  • The cover is for both self-owned and rented properties.
Home Insurance Coverage
If you want to go for home insurance coverage, it is possible to choose the cover amount based on personal spending capacities and requirements. Select contents that you want to get under the insurance umbrella. Coverage amount may depend upon the reinstatement value or the current value of the product in market. Also included is the personal accident cover concerning permanent disability or death of policyholder. In such cases, the nominee gets predetermined compensation amounts.
While there is a comprehensive coverage for homeowners through home insurance policies, there are certain exclusions present too. For example, this cover does not include radioactive contamination, or damage due to nuclear explosive equipment. Similarly, you do not get compensation for property or content damage that results from war, military activity, or invasions. Do not ask for coverage when an untoward event such as civil war or coup is responsible for damage to property and content or loss of life.